Forza 2 is admired by all wherever she sails. But it is her performance that astounds many.

When the wind is aft of the beam, with full screecher and main she easily achieves 10 knots in 15 knots of true wind.

If the wind comes up a little, she will sail dry and flat, effortlessly averaging 200 miles per day on passages, making coastal trips shorter with minimal sail handling.

In a good breeze she will excite hardened racers, frequently reaching the 20 knots under autopilot with hot meals and comfortable watches.

Under Main & Screecher
Under Main & Screecher
Wake at 15 knots

Performance is not just fun; it is also a great safety factor for an ocean going yacht.

On passages Forza 2 will often complete the journey in half the time of a monohull, avoiding unpredictable conditions and reaching a safe harbour within the predicted weather window.

On coastal trips, where others might need to overnight, she will arrive in daylight, adding once again safety and comfort to the crew.

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