Nanni Diesel 4.150 HE engines
Nanni Diesel 4.150 HE engines

Forza 2 is motorized with two engines
Nanni Diesel 4.150 HE of 37.5 shp each coupled to 3-blades Gori folding propellers.

These engines are based on the 4 cylinder Kubota tractor engine of 1.5 liter.

They are extremely popular worldwide and spares can be easily found everywhere.

With both engines running at 2,400 rpm, Forza 2 will sail at 4 to 6 kts.

Each engine consuming about 2 liters per hour, the 600 liters fuel tank will give an endurance of more than 500 Nm, with enough reserve.

The Teleflex-Morse K4 electronic engine controls, joint to the Hydrive hydraulic steering wheels at both steering stations, give to the helmsman a soft and precise control of Forza 2 at any moment.

Forza 2 is also equipped with a genset Lombardini Pagudo of 6 KVA located in the port engine room, allowing producing 230 VAC and keeping the batteries charged through the Outback marine charger-inverter of 2,600 VA.

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